VAUST and aware_ partner for New Perspectives exhibition

  • Architectural Digest hosts New Perspectives exhibition at Kronprinzenpalais, Berlin
  • aware_ partners with VAUST for EVER-CHANGING MANIFESTATION, a physical-digital spatial installation
  • The exhibition takes place from October 21 to 23
interior design

Berlin, September 14, 2022 –

New Perspectives, an exhibition curated by the international design authority Architectural Digest, will take place this upcoming October 21 to 23. Groundbreaking German interior designers, design enthusiasts and creatives will be gathered at the Berliner Kronprinzenpalais to re-think the spaces of tomorrow. 

Celebrating the universalization of environment, innovation, and design, aware_ has joined forces with VAUST (in cooperation with artist collective grotesk.group), introducing the power of symbiotic physical and digital design solutions in their installation EVER-CHANGING MANIFESTATION. The creatives prove once again that the key to innovation is “looking at the world from a different perspective“.

“We are more than grateful to have aware_ as a partner for this installation. Together we are turning interior design into a thought experiment that looks at the coherence between people and the environment in a digital yet always physical world of tomorrow.” – David Kosock, VAUST

The increasing importance of code, artificial intelligence, generative art and a general translation of our environment into a “digital reality” is implemented by David Kosock and Joern Scheipers from VAUST and Harald Schaack, Denis Sokolowski and Tim Hunkemöller from grotesk.group in their installation and furthermore encourages a change of view.

“For aware_, sustainability and aesthetics go hand in hand. The idea of a design is integral to sustainability and involves innovation, zeitgeist and a high degree of aesthetics. We are pleased to have found VAUST as a partner who shares this idea with us.” – Kim N. Fischer, co-founder of aware_

Tickets for the exhibition are available at the following link: https://www.ad-magazin.de/newperspectives

About aware_ 
The Berlin-based start-up aware_ THE PLATFORM gives companies, politics, business and individuals a schematic overview as well as authoritative impulses on one platform to provide transparency and guidance in sustainability. With the aware_ Academy, the start-up offers a digital training program for employees and interest groups that creates qualitative touch points in the areas of sustainability and change management. www.aware-theplatform.com

VAUST is a Berlin-based design studio founded in early 2017 by Joern Scheipers and David Kosock. The company combines interior design, object design and creative direction. It is the result of a ten-year friendship and three years of thinking and designing together for different projects. The founders both studied and worked in different fields such as architecture, fashion design, advertising and hospitality. Today they particularly benefit from these experiences and combine them in their studio to create a multidisciplinary way of working and a holistic approach to design. From residential and retail to hospitality and corporate spaces – VAUST is dedicated to unconventional thinking, distinctive aesthetics, artistic design, efficient planning and precise execution. www.vaust.studio

About grotesk.group
grotesk.group was founded in 2022 by Harald Schaack, Denis Sokolowski and Tim Hunkemöller. The artist collective specializes in merging multiple, diverse technologies in their mostly disruptive and always contemporary digital artworks. In addition to working for major corporates such as Mercedes, Adidas or Zalando, their works are on display on various digital platforms and even find their way into print to renowned formats such as Sleek Magazine. www.grotesk.group

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