The Ultimate Guide to Learning About Sustainability

Over 25 resources to learn from at home

With the majority of the world being in self isolation for the past few weeks due to the spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have to change the way we spend our time at home.

This also means that we have the opportunity to focus on things we normally don’t have time for. Like learning about how to live more sustainably.
If you want to fill your time doing something productive and inspiring, we got you covered.
Here are over 25 resources we found on this topic including blogs, articles, online courses and social media accounts:

Free online courses

Already watched all the good shows on Netflix?
How about watching one of these online courses instead? These are our favourites:

1: Introduction to Sustainability (Coursera):

A great introductory course which covers key knowledge areas of sustainability theory and practice, including population, ecosystems, global change, energy, agriculture, water, environmental economics and policy, ethics, and cultural history.
Free option available.

2: Sustainable Living Basics – Simple Steps to make an Impact (Skillshare):

A simple course for anyone wanting to reduce their footprint on the planet, no matter what their lifestyle or budget is. The course covers mindset tips, how to shop, simple swaps, and more.
Free for 30 days.

3: Reducing Your Environmental Impact (FutureLearn):

A variety of courses including modern building design, fashion and sustainability, transforming energy systems.
Free for 14 days.

Must read articles

Philip Strong

Why is sustainability important?

-Think sustainability’s a buzz word? These changes prove otherwise
-Beyond Sustainability? — We are living in the Century of Regeneration

To know that the Earth’s systems are symbiotic, living systems is to realize that it is our choice whether we will restore the Earth or whether we will continue to pretend that our interests are different than those of all living things.” – source


Five Transformational Technologies for re-energizing the business sustainability


Sustainable cities will be the winners of the future


Biophilic Design: Connecting nature, wellbeing and design

Inspiring podcasts

Picture: Mark Rohan

We picked out podcasts all about living a more intentional, slow and sustainable life. Listen to these while you’re folding the laundry, cooking a meal or simply relaxing in bed.

1. The Slow Home Podcast

This podcast is perfect for this month, when we’re at home in self quarantine. It’s about how to get out of the ‘fast lane’, slow down, simplify and focus on the things that are truly important.

2. Clean.Simple.Free

If you want to learn how to clear your home from clutter, and embrace minimalist living, this podcast is for you. The hosts also share how you can clear your mind, and find peace.

3. Good Together

A podcast that gives you actionable tips on how to live more ethically and consciously.


This podcast explores fashion, economics, food, conscious consumerism. The host invites inspiring experts and business owners to share their experiences with living a sustainable lifestyle and starting businesses.

How to cook more sustainably

Picture: Jason Briscoe

There’s never been a better time to learn how to cook more sustainably.
And once we’re back to living normal lives you can surprise your friends with your delicious creations by inviting them to a dinner party at your house 🎉

1. Sustainable Cooking
A short, simple explanation of how to cook more sustainably.

2. Climate Change Food Calculator
Learn what your diet’s carbon footprint is and how you can improve it.

3. UN climate-change report calls for change to human diet
One simple thing we can do to decrease the amount of deforestation and curb greenhouse gas emissions

4 – For simple, delicious (mostly) plant based recipes:
– Deliciously Ella: Blog and App
Minimalist Baker: Blog

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