The Fight Against Ocean Plastic

Climate protection and market success belong together, which is why aware_ is also taking care of its climate neutrality with a compensation project in cooperation with MBRC the ocean, a social company that works to free the oceans of plastic waste. Through the support of MBRC climate protection projects, aware_ compensates for unavoidable emissions and at the same time takes part in the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans. The 2018-founded organization so far has recycled more than 50 thousand PET bottles, collected more than a million euro of donations and built a network of more than 1,300 volunteers for their mission worldwide. More than 20 partnerships with companies like NABU, REWE or the German Ocean Foundation serve to get MBRC’s message across the globe.  

The plastic MBRC collects through their clean-ups and other projects around the world, the company recycles and uses it to create sustainable fashion and accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, bags or clothing. The products are made from recycled plastic wasterecycled PET bottles and other naturalsustainable materials that do not contain plastic. MBRC sells their products on their online shop and through large-scale partnerships with retailers around the world. With every product sold, 15of product sales are donated to the MBRC’s non-profit foundation. Thus, each product sold increases the demand for recycled plastic, decreases single-use plastic and finances the important work of the corporate foundation.  

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Founders Sven Jacobi and Michiel Reinoud are convinced that the world needs companies, NGOs and governments that take on big issues. After seeing the amounts of litter on beaches and in oceans on their travels, the two friends decided to start MBRC in 2018As a 100 % non-profit organization, the MBRC Foundation is committed to organizing cleanups around the world, thereby empowering local communities to clean up their oceans and earn a living with it. Additionally, the movement provides training programs, cleaning hubs and collects additional funds from private individuals, corporate sponsors and family offices around the world in order to grow even faster and achieve more impact every day

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With living wages and education, MBRC supports local communities, and gathers volunteers and cleanup groups alike to clear the oceans of plastic. The waste being collected at the voluntary beach cleanups goes to a recycling facility where it is processed for reuse. The events are organized worldwide by MBRC and their volunteers.  

Furthermore, MBRC has launched several Cleaning Hubs in England, the United States and the Maldives. With over 40 volunteers, the company has collected more than 800 kilograms of plastic so far. MBRC works with local communities in plastic-damaged regions, pays their wages and work clothes and raises awareness for cleanups. 

Another of MBRC’s projects is the in-house Academy, which offers online courses for students to learn more about ocean sustainability, plastic pollution and how to get rid of it. The free courses run for one year with a new topic every week, are tailored to round off a degree and to convey an understanding for one of the greatest challenges of our time.  

Lastly, scattered across the Netherlands and Germany, MBRC Awareness Hubs serve as green meeting points that encourage conversation and action in the fight against ocean plastic. Additionally, the hubs function as recycling stations and for every plastic bottle recycled, MBRC commits to recycling one more.  

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To this day, there are more than eight million tons of plastic in our oceans. In 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. MBRC contributes to the fight against plastic pollution by creating awareness, educating and taking action. The organization offers a range of partnership options, all of which help fund MBRC‘s ongoing programs, cleanups, and educational opportunities, which aware_ is proud to be part of.  

by Marie Klimczak  

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