10 Eco-Friendly Tech Products You Should Know About

tech products

In July 2021 Jeff Bezos spent 5.5 billion dollars on a 10-minute getaway to space. The hefty price tag of his galactic mini-break was enough to save 37.5 million people from starvation (Global Citizen). Such headlines beg the question: are recent advancements in technology working to save the future of our planet, or is the […]

The Rise of Rental


As we learn more about the damaging effect waste is having on our planet, is it time to go rental? The Friday night Blockbuster experience was a cornerstone of a 90s, early 2000s childhood. Stores laid with worn blue carpet, plastic buckets bursting with bags of sweets and popcorn, and rows upon rows of VHS […]

Digitization Of Sports And Event Venues Accelerating Sustainable Cities


aware_ member Fujitsu discusses necessary digitization strategies for sports and event venues and how this digitization can make a decisive contribution to sustainability With its seven million members, soccer is the most popular sport in Germany. In Germany alone, the more than 90 stadiums provide meeting places for games and fans (erima). Today, however, they […]

Ethical Investing

ethical investing

From green banking to impact investing, aware_ presents an introduction to ethical investing Post COP26, when assessing the current state of the financial sector, the familiar expression “put your money where your mouth is” springs to mind. As scientists and researchers become more knowledgeable about the fundamental impact the global economy has on the planet, banks and investors are increasingly forced to align themselves with the UN SDG goals (see below). With […]

7 Start-ups You Should Be Aware Of


From ESG data analysis to sustainable investments – aware_ has curated seven start-ups you should be aware of On November 24, the aware_ x THE HUS.institute conference enters a virtual second round: The experts of the curated network of aware_ THE PLATFORM and THE HUS.institute provide a cross-sector insight into the future topics of Sustainable Cities […]