3 Sustainable Fabrics We Can’t Stop Talking About

sustainable fabrics

The evolution of domestic materials has great historical and cultural significance. The manufacture of materials such a cotton and silk have played a major role in cross continental power struggle, whilst nowadays the necessary development of sustainable fabrics has shifted to explore technological landscapes not defined by land and sea.  Silk, the production of which […]

7 Sustainable Materials We Think You Should Know About

The world is well versed on recycled ocean plastic and organic cotton, here are 7 less well known sustainable fabric solutions poised to disrupt the market… Is Apple Leather the New Pineapple? As the world has been increasingly exposed to the problematic truths behind the production of virgin leather, alternative leathers have seen a rise in popularity. Whilst synthetic and pineapple leathers have dominated the market, the recent development of apple leather is […]

Stella McCartney Launches Mushroom Leather Pieces

Designer Stella McCarthy grew up in the 70’s surrounded by the music industry’s upper echelon, but her young life moved to another beat. Born in 1971 to Paul and Linda McCartney, Stella spent many of her early years away from the private jets on an organic farm in Sussex (UK), where the McCartneys immersed themselves in country life: […]