An Introduction to Carbon Capture

carbon capture

When the wind blows from east to west in the Gobi Desert singing can heard as the grains of sand vibrate together with a layer of silica to make a deep hum. The desert – a vast expanse in northern China and southern Mongolia – is known for its breath-taking dunes, mountains, and rare animals, […]

An Introduction to Passive House Design

aware_ explores Passive House, the building standard for energy efficiency, and sits down with IdS/R architecture and OPAL, two US-based architects working with Passive House design. In October 1973, Saudi Arabia announced an oil embargo, targeting countries which had supported Israel during the Yom Kippur War – Canada, the UK and the USA were amongst the […]

Geothermal Energy – A Natural Underfloor Heating System


Geothermal energy refers to the thermal energy stored in the accessible part of the earth’s crust and its utilization for heating purposes or electricity generation. When it comes to renewable energy, we often talk about wind or solar power. An energy resource that is often forgotten or even criticized is geothermal energy. Yet, power and […]