The aware_ Guide To Biodynamic And Organic Wine


Biodynamic and Organic Wine: what does it mean for the future of the wine industry? Throughout the centuries wine has been consumed by civilisations; as early as 7000 BC populations in Ancient China were sipping a fermented drink made from grapes and rice. Despite its long existence, wine hasn’t always been enjoyed as the inviting […]

Sips Berlin: The Natural Wine Delivery Service For All

Sips Berlin

aware_ meets Clara Higham-Stoianova, co-founder of Sips Berlin, to learn about how a life-long passion for good food and drink turned into mission to bring natural wine to the many, not just the few.    “Ordering in” became a cornerstone of pandemic existence after the novelty of sourdough loafs and batch cooking had subsided. As the familiar blue Wolt […]