7 Start-ups You Should Be Aware Of


From ESG data analysis to sustainable investments – aware_ has curated seven start-ups you should be aware of On November 24, the aware_ x THE HUS.institute conference enters a virtual second round: The experts of the curated network of aware_ THE PLATFORM and THE HUS.institute provide a cross-sector insight into the future topics of Sustainable Cities […]

World Ocean Day 2021

How the seas can give us cause for hope this World Ocean Day. As the world sat down to watch the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy a barrage of resolutions exclaiming “I’m never eating fish again” exploded from the depths of couches. Whilst receiving criticisms for some misrepresentation of information, there are a lot of snapshots to wrap your […]

The Essence Of Life

Since the beginning of the pandemic, self-sufficiency has become particularly noticeable in many households. Whether it is urban gardening or social agriculture projects, more and more useful plants are finding their way into gardens, balconies and onto the table. Self-sufficiency has not only become more important in agriculture, but also in the energy sector. Many companies use the local, natural conditions of their locations to […]