Five ways to move your business towards a Circular Economy

aware_ partner and digital design company Goodpatch has launched a whitepaper where they present five steps to move a business towards a circular economy More and more initiatives are springing up, the content of which aims to make citizens more environmentally aware and to manage consumerism and review our habits. But there is still a […]

A New Form Of Digital Art: NFTs


Between hype and criticism – aware_ takes a close look at NFTs and examines their sustainability Hardly any other topic is currently being discussed as much as crypto, bitcoin & co. Now another one has joined them: Non-fungible Tokens, or NFTs for short. Since their introduction in 2014, NFTs have become increasingly popular: as a […]

German Design Awards: 10 Years of Innovative Awards

design awards

The German Design Awards celebrate its tenth anniversary this year. aware_ has taken a look at this year’s award winners and presents five exciting products and projects.  For aware_, sustainability and aesthetics go hand in hand. A sustainable lifestyle does not have to be pursued with a raised forefinger, nor does it have to be […]

Planet-Centric Design: From Egoism To Ecosystems

Planet-centric design re-balances humans’ and our planet’s needs while placing the planet at the center and prioritizing its ecosystem For decades, designers and its industry have been concerned with human needs. From ergonomic kitchens and adjustable lighting to touchscreens and voice activation, human-centered design has focused on people, their desires and needs without looking at […]