Global Heat Waves: How Hot is Too Hot

global heat waves

With climate change, air temperatures are rising, the number of hot days and heat waves is increasing, and frost days and cold waves are decreasing. When do heat waves become a danger to humans and when is hot even too hot?

Philippe Starck Presents the Dream of Winter Gondola

Philippe Starck

The celebrated designer and architect Philippe Starck designs a 3D image to celebrate the rich heritage of Venice and raise further awareness for a city facing the direct consequences of climate change. During the warmer months, the streets of Venice are alive with tourists hoping for a look inside the Basilica di San Marco or to travel […]

1*C Rising – Stories from the Front Lines of Climate Change

The catastrophic floods in western Germany earlier this year arrived as a rough awakening. As images of destroyed homes and numbers of missing people flooded the news, yet again, the effects of climate change weighed heavily on the world’s shoulders. Over the last decades, the displacement of populations has been taking place all over the […]

9 Must-Reads On Climate Change

There is no denying that the cause and effect of climate change can be overwhelming. Aware and its wider community presents a list of must-reads by authors determined to raise awareness and demystify pressing environmental issues. From challenging consumer behaviours to exploring innovative energy solutions, this range of titles offers a range of necessary perspectives […]