Circular Economy: A Conversation with Steffen Müter

circular economy

aware_ spoke to Steffen Müter, Head of DACH and Chair of Fujitsu Services GmbH Management Directors Board, to find out about how one of the world’s largest tech companies is making changes towards a circular economy. With Europe’s announcement of a new Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP), together with a sustainable products initiative (SPI) as […]

Five ways to move your business towards a Circular Economy

aware_ partner and digital design company Goodpatch has launched a whitepaper where they present five steps to move a business towards a circular economy More and more initiatives are springing up, the content of which aims to make citizens more environmentally aware and to manage consumerism and review our habits. But there is still a […]

Berlin – the sustainable capital of fashion?

sustainable fashion

To learn more about Berlin Fashion Week 2022 and the city’s love for sustainable fashion, aware_ sat down with Berliner and green fashion expert Cherie Birkner  As the world heats up, sustainable fashion has also become a hot (and pressing) topic. It is now well known that the fast fashion industry contributes a great deal […]

Everything you need to know about the global sand shortage

With the rising demand for sand, the world is facing a shortage of this seemingly endless resource. How can we stop the ‘sand grab’? ‘In every grain of sand there is a story of the earth.’ Rachel Carson, Environmentalist The 1965 science fiction novel ‘Dune’ depicts a future interstellar feudal society that revolves around the dystopian desert […]

Green Claiming versus Marketing: Why is Greenwashing no longer an option?

green claiming

With green buzzwords becoming more prevalent in marketing, aware_ looked at the difference between green claiming and greenwashing and how to stop the latter. Eco-friendly. Sustainable. Carbon neutral. Biodegradable. Responsible. The proliferation of such green language can be seen advertised across many industries in the recent years, from cars and cosmetics to food and fashion. […]

Über 300 Teilnehmende bei Nachhaltigkeitskonferenz


Über 300 Teilnehmende nahmen an diesjähriger aware_ x THE conference am 24. November teil Spannende Speaker, darunter aware_ member Fujitsu und BMW, gaben Einblicke in die Themen Sustainable Cities und Circular Economy Digitale Interaktion der Teilnehmenden durch All-in-One-Plattform von globalem Start-up Berlin, 26. November 2021 – Die aware_ x THE conference hat mit […]

The Circular Economy’s Path To The Sustainable City

circular economy

How can sustainable cities make the transition to a successful circular economy, creating an urban system that is regenerative and restorative by design? On November 24, the aware_ x THE conference enters a virtual second round: The experts of the curated network of aware_ THE PLATFORM and THE provide a cross-sector insight into […]