Berlin – the sustainable capital of fashion?

sustainable fashion

To learn more about Berlin Fashion Week 2022 and the city’s love for sustainable fashion, aware_ sat down with Berliner and green fashion expert Cherie Birkner  As the world heats up, sustainable fashion has also become a hot (and pressing) topic. It is now well known that the fast fashion industry contributes a great deal […]

Sustainability Dominates the Discourse at Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week is unique in its ability to influence the discourse around sustainability. Unlike the “Big Four” – Paris, Milan, London and New York – Berlin’s fashion calendar is not limited to the schedules of luxury designers, who have, until recently, dominated the fashion landscape. With the freedom to move away from a rigid […]

Berlin Fashion Week, September 6-12

Berlin’s fashion landscape has seen a seismic shift in recent years. With the news last year that the trade shows would move to Frankfurt, the city has welcomed the readjustment to establish itself as a main player within the sustainable sphere by showcasing emerging talent poised to bring change to the industry. However, the continued […]