South by Southwest – A Convergent Event

SXSW is an event that celebrates the convergence of technology, film, music, education and culture, bringing together professionals from around the world 

For a long time now, sustainability, environmental protection and climate change have no longer been niche topics. The environment is becoming a mainstream issue, the new criterion for good and bad, right and wrong, the lowest common denominator for an entire generation – everyone is affected, everyone must take a stand. And a change is taking place: Environmental awareness is turning from an individual lifestyle into a social movement, sustainability is turning from a consumer trend into an economic factor, the climate crisis is becoming the basis of a new global identity, because an ecological catastrophe is inevitably also an economic one and therefore a social catastrophe. Supported by a growing sense of environmental awareness and responsibility among people, a new ethic of action has developed over the years based on the pillars of economy, ecology, and ethics, which now influences our entire everyday lives. 

So far so good, but some companies still instrumentalize sustainability as a marketing tool without any real consequences. Yet, sustainable corporate management is a dynamic, ever-evolving process that requires a convincing basis, but above all intrinsic motivation. What is missing is a sustainable zeitgeist, not a trend. 

Together with german.innovation, aware_ is participating in this year’s South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. aware_ will be present with a Sanctuary Event. Themed Sustainable Zeitgeist, participants will connect with each other, redefine their consciousness and stimulate this process by bringing together the right people and enriching networking with pioneering conversations. 

Held annually in March, South by Southwest (SXSW) is an event for professionals from around the world, offering lectures, music and comedy shows, film screenings, exhibits, professional development and a variety of networking opportunities. Dedicated to helping creative people achieve their goals, the event is known for its conferences and festivals that celebrate the convergence of technology, film, music, education and culture. 

SXSW was founded in Austin, Texas in 1987 and has since become one of the most important meeting places for creatives from all over the world. In 1986, a small group of people in Austin, Texas began a series of long discussions about the future of entertainment and media. Local creatives and music makers, they said, were as talented as anywhere in the world, but were severely limited by a lack of publicity outside of Austin. The solution that was discussed was an event that would bring the outside world to Austin to see it up close. But for a local event to bring the world to Austin, it had to have value everywhere. Finally, in October 1986, the first SXSW was announced. The first event, held in March 1987, swelled the expected 150 opening day registrations to 700. As hoped, Austin’s charm won over attendees, and SXSW grew into a self-sustaining event. The event has changed in many ways since 1987, but at its core, SXSW remains a vehicle for creatives to advance their careers by bringing people together from around the world to meet, learn and share ideas. 


As part of SXSW, SXSW EDU is internationally known as a gathering place for creative professionals and extends SXSW’s support for the art of engagement to society’s educators. The SXSW EDU Conference & Festival promotes innovation and learning in the education industry, bringing together learners, practitioners, entrepreneurs and visionaries to share their groundbreaking stories, tackle complex problems and find new paths to the future. From Arts & Storytelling to Business & Investment, attendees will participate in four days of engaging sessions, in-depth workshops, compelling learning experiences, mentoring, film screenings, forward-thinking competitions, an exhibition, networking opportunities and much more. 

SXSW conference 
The SXSW Conference offers the global community of digital creatives the opportunity to learn about innovative ideas, discover new interests, and network with other professionals who share a similar desire for forward-thinking experiences. With a variety of topics including climate change, design, and even start-ups, the SXSW conference focuses on the most important breakthroughs in technology, film, culture, and music. 

SXSW exhibitions 
The SXSW exhibitions connect people from around the world and bring together a wide range of forward-thinking exhibitors – from promising start-ups to established industry leaders. SXSW’s world-class exhibitions highlight the connections and intersections between the converging creative and tech industries and bring attendees together with some of the world’s most innovative companies. 

Each year, SXSW also recognizes the most innovative, creative and inspiring individuals and companies in their respective fields. 


To keep the event fun, the SXSW festivals additionally offer a unique opportunity to explore the world of film, music and comedy with parties, awards ceremonies, screenings and showcases. 

For more information about aware_’s participation at SXSW 2022 you can register here. 

by Marie Klimczak

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