Advisory Board

Jörn Nitschmann
Head of Manufacturing & Automotive Central Europe
Alexander Garbe
Sascha Pallenberg
Head of Digital Transformation
Eefje Heesters
General Manager
Kunal Sachdeva
Stoeveken Gruppe
Dirk Stoeveken
Startup and Mobility Consultant
Timo Nührich
Co-Founder and former CEO MILES Mobility
Dr. Jeremias Kettner
Wunder Mobility
Tamy Ribeiro
Chief Evangelist & Head of Partnerships
Jeanette Reilly
Head of Marketing and Communications
Alba Europe
Carla Eysel
Linden Capital
Thomas Andrae
Managing Director


Viktoria Renner

CEO at OZMOZE Agency for Pop-Cuture

As the child of two music executives and former journalist, she immersed herself in the entertainment industry early on and still benefits from her broad network in this area.

As CEO of OZMOZE and creative consultant for Sony Music Entertainment Group, she is leveraging from the power of pop-culture to create, curate and empower the co-creative generation.

„Brands shape our culture. In times of growing complexity and dwindling resources, experiential, cautious consumption and meaningful branding is crucial.

With aware. we are given the opportunity to use our expertise for good and make ecological awareness a lifestyle – a cultural movement – that doesn’t come with abstaining, but rather with regaining a positive and responsible approach to consumption and capitalism.

Aware. is a movement for a woke, still abundant era – embracing a new generation of makers and shakers, consumers, economists, activists.

All under one roof – united to take all these tiny steps to shake up and reinvent our industries and everyday lives make our world a little better. I love this narrative.”

Laurent Petit

An influencer and social entrepreneur who is mainly active in the field of sports & art and therefore created his project „Urban Art Run“.

„When becoming more conscious of our behaviors, we start looking out for initiatives that support a healthy planet. And when you find one that you can relate to then your role should be to support this cause/initiative/ movement. Along my own journey of becoming more conscious/aware I got to know Aware’s mission which made an echo within my own believes. We share a common goal and therefore I want to support Aware as much as I can. I believe that this is how we have a chance to reach our goals, together!“

Eike Knüppel

Founder and Managing Director of KNUEPPEL & COMPAGNON – Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung GmbH

Marvin Jockschat

CCO at OZMOZE Agency for Pop-Cuture

Was Co-Founder and Creative Director of the music and lifestyle blog MOTOR.DE – which became OZMOZE in 2017.

As a photographer and creative supervisor he accompanied international platinum artists on tour worldwide and realized shootings and digital campaigns for artists like Milky Chance, Gashi or Sara Hartman.

As a creative Director at OZMOZE he is passionate about telling cultural stories – taylored to the client, loved by the fans.

*„I believe in mission driven brands and think that sustainability has become one of the most forming and meaningful topics of this century.

It is almost like everyone woke up from a long nights sleep and realized that it’s absolutely necessary – and also super fun and rewarding – to act responsibly and secure our future on this planet.

At OZMOZE we love to give meaning, tell stories, form culture.

Bridging the gap between corporates and the new creative force that consumes, creates, speaks out and inspires their fans with a broader purpose is what keeps me going every day.

This is why we are super happy to be part of aware..“*

Marcelo Pisut

A Sardinian born, full on gypsy, cultural producer, experience artist, yogi, mystic, nature and art lover, humanist.

„I support aware_ because I admire the people behind it and the idea to put all in one place the different options to make our lifestyle sustainable is brilliant. Brands must take the responsibility to give people easy access to solutions for the environmental woes of our time.“