Pack Your Bags: We Are Cleaning Up The Ocean!

In 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish – 12 billion tons to be exact (WWF). To this day, around 90 % of the plastic ever being produced has not been degraded or recycled (Orange Ocean). Yet, the production of plastic packaging and single-use plastic is still increasing. The result: Rivers, coastlines and our oceans are flooded with plastic waste, affecting marine life as well as people – most of them without great knowledge or infrastructure to be able to counteract this catastrophic situation. The Hong Kong born brand Pssbl experiences the disastrous state of the oceans and rivers firsthand. With their bags made from recycled PET bottles collected from the environment and their support for plastic clean-ups and educational projects, the brand strives to protect our oceans and make the world cleaner. 

The Courier Bag

In 2017, a group of urban enthusiasts from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich came together to find a solution to their problem: When traveling for business and private life, they experienced that adjusting from one environment to another meant carrying the equipment for various occasions. Usual bags did not fulfill their desire for functionality as well as a great design. To match their high standards in functionality, minimalistic design and sustainability, in February 2018, Pssbl was born in Hong Kong. Pssbl bagmatch the needs of contemporary urban lifestyle with the mission to protect our oceans and act as socially and environmentally responsible as possible.  

The product’s design is focused on functionality and versatility as well as durability in a sleek and understated look. All materials are sourced and produced in Asia. With the leading suppliers and manufacturers located there, it is possible to find excellent materials and high-quality manufacturing for the bags. The fabrics are made from 100 % recycled PET and Nylon from used drinking bottles or old fishing gear. After being sorted by color, the materials are washed, crushed into flakes and then processed into pellets, which are finally made into Polyester and spun into yarn. The result: a high quality, functional and smooth fabric.  

The Cross Bag

Working closely together with their suppliers and manufacturers, Pssbl ensures that all partners follow international standards and guarantee fair and social working conditions, environmental protection as well as proper labor payments. The brand continually verifies that the products adhere to strict quality requirements – from the production to sale – that only environmentally friendly dye, coating and glue is used, applicable legal provisions are held, and hazardous substances are avoided. 

Sustainability plays an essential role at Pssbl. This starts with a durable design, continues with recycled material for their fabrics, includes careful and social manufacturing and ends with responsible and reduced packaging. At Pssbl, they are committed to find innovative ways to conserve resources and build fair partnerships with customers, employees and suppliers. The brand uses DHL GoGreen for their delivery to ensure a COneutral transport. The bags’ packaging is made from recycled materials. Additionally, Pssbl is registered at LUCID (a publicly accessible database of the Central Office for the Packaging Register) and participating in the recycling system of Zmart (a packaging license), financing the recycling process and thus allowing their customers to consciously dispose of the product packaging free of charge.  

The Hip Bag

In the near future, the brand hopes to produce their own fabric made from plastic collected from their Eco Warriors and supporters from their Pssbl E4-Strategy to Protect the Oceans in Cambodia. The goal is to complete their supply chain from “catch to fabric”. Therefore, the brand partnered with NGO2 BambooShoot – an organization dedicated to assisting girls with their education in rural communities in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Together they want to support their Eco Warriors – a group of enthusiastic young people from different small villages around Tonlé Sap – in their fight against plastic pollution. Tonlé Sap Lake is one of the main pollutants of the Mekong River, one of the top three rivers in the world polluting the oceans with plastic. 

With Pssbl, the founders Marc and Heike and their team created a brand for authentic people that connects design, functionality and durability with social and environmental responsibility. They want to raise awareness and motivate others to fight against plastic pollution. And what makes it easier to do so than a sustainable and good looking bag!? 

by Marie Klimczak

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