Materiability becomes part of the aware_ community

Materiability becomes part of the aware_ community

  • Materiability Research Group partners with aware_ to tackle the status quo of materials and design 
  • The focus of Materiability’s work is to explore novel material fabrication in conjunction with digital design and production processes 
  • Materiability addresses adaptive or smart technologies as well as biological materials and their impact on our future environment

Berlin, February 23, 2022 – With the Materiability Research Group aware_ is gaining a partner with a focus on actively learning from and about the world by physically engaging in it. Materiability tackles the immediate connection between matter and human senses, such as touch, smell, sound, or visuals, as the basis for bodily explorations and experiences. Together with Materiability, aware_ pursues to take action, to cease accepting the status-quo as given but instead to find possible alternatives to create a future that is shaped by our common efforts. 

“We are extremely happy and honoured to become part of the aware_ family. We hope that our research, combining novel material making and digital design and fabrication processes for the development of sustainable solutions, will have a positive impact on our society and environment.” Prof. Dr. Manuel Kretzer, founder of Materiability 

“With Materiability, we have found a partner whose expertise is of great value to all areas of our network. Whether it is mobility, food or architecture – everything starts with a raw material. With Materiability, we can also take a sustainable approach and accompany our partners on their path to sustainable transformation right from the start.” – Kim N. Fischer, co-founder of aware_ 

About aware_
aware_ is the platform for networking and knowledge transfer in the field of sustainability. The goal is to provide guidance in sustainability to global players, startups, experts and creatives across all industries so that they can come together to exchange ideas, inspire and create futureoriented impact together. http://www.aware-theplatform.com/ 

About Materiability 
The Materiability Research Group with associated Materiability Labs was founded at the Dessau Department of Design, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in 2019, right next to the historical Bauhaus building by Walter Gropius. The group’s work focuses on exploring novel material fabrication in unison with digital design and production processes. A particular emphasis is on adaptive or smart technologies as well as biological materials and their impact on our future environment. http://materiability.com   

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