resource efficiency

About Resource Efficiency

All over the world, while 10% of people still live in extreme poverty, most of the population has become accustomed

global heat waves

Global Heat Waves: How Hot is Too Hot

With climate change, air temperatures are rising, the number of hot days and heat waves is increasing, and frost days and cold waves are decreasing. When do heat waves become a danger to humans and when is hot even too hot?


The Art of Green Cleaning

Many cleaning brands have embraced sustainable branding – emblazoning products with words such as eco, or bottles wrapped in green

cable tech

The Future of Cable Tech

Recent Market Developments in Cable Tech  In 2009, there were over 30 different types of chargers being used by the

global warming

9 Causes of Global Warming

News of global warming is constant, particularly in the wake of the most recent IPCC report. The intergovernmental panel on

Human impact on the environment

Human Impact on the Environment

“We live in times of relentless loss”, writes Daniel MacMillen Voskoboynik in his introduction for Luka Tomac’s book of photography, 1

human nature

About Human Nature

Disconnecting from nature is one of the biggest challenges humans are facing today. aware_ gives a guide on the importance


Shop Local!

How regional quality labels and initiatives can make regional enjoyment and local consumption a matter of course More than ever,


The Rise of Rental

As we learn more about the damaging effect waste is having on our planet, is it time to go rental?

ethical investing

Ethical Investing

From green banking to impact investing, aware_ presents an introduction to ethical investing Post COP26, when assessing the current state of the financial sector,

A Holistic Approach: Social Sustainability

aware_ member BMW Group shares a holistic understanding of sustainability implementing social sustainability into their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy  When one thinks of the topic

5 Start-ups You Should Be Aware Of

From renewable energies to sustainable supply chains – aware_ has curated five start-ups you should know about. When it comes to start-ups, flat

A Guide To Recycling

By repurposing discarded materials into a new product, recycling uses less energy, natural resources and saves greenhouse gases In Germany,

reusable packaging

From Disposable To Reusable

A standardized reusable system in the take-away sector to reduce plastic In Germany, 770 metric tons of waste are generated


Meat Alternatives

Two Men With the Same Surname On A Mission To Eliminate Industrial Farming.  It’s no secret that the consumption of

5 Unforgettable Eco-Homes

You might remember back in 2020 the ‘controversy’ around Gigi Hadid’s New York apartment, when the supermodel posted pictures of

Deceleration In The Fast Lane

Aesthetic, athletic and design-savvy are attributes that equally apply to the Taycan 4S and to aware_. The aware_ co-founders Lena


What’s App?

Sometimes it is the little things that add up and help to make a difference. We asked the aware_ team

Layer Up!

Up to 6,000 tons of sunscreen end up in the ocean and thus on the highly sensitive ecosystems of coral

Goodpatch wird aware_ Member

aware, Deutschlands 1. Nachhaltigkeitsplattform, freut sich, mit der international tätigen Designfirma Goodpatch einen Member gewonnen zu haben, der von der

L’ete Indien

The Upcycling Sari Brand Inviting You To Celebrate Local Production And An Iconic History. The History of the Sari  The

From Bread To Beer

With over 3.000 different types of bread and an annual consumption of more than 70 kilograms per person, Germany is rightly considered as the bread nation

Just Eat It!

Food waste creates logistical, environmental, and ethical challenges for our society. Globally, 1.6 billion tons of uneaten food are being disposed of every year, which corresponds to one third of all

INDEED wird aware_ Member

aware_, Deutschlands 1. Nachhaltigkeitsplattform, freut sich mit Indeed Innovation einen Member gewonnen zu haben, der durch seine holistische Perspektive ein

The Seed Of Life

Urban gardening, especially in times of the global pandemic, is experiencing an immense hype. However, urban gardening can be traced

GRAFT wird aware_ Member

aware_, Deutschlands 1. Nachhaltigkeitsplattform, freut sich mit dem international tätigen Studio für Design, Architektur und Stadtplanung GRAFT, einen Member gewonnen zu

World Ocean Day 2021

How the seas can give us cause for hope this World Ocean Day. As the world sat down to watch

The Essence Of Life

Since the beginning of the pandemic, self-sufficiency has become particularly noticeable in many households. Whether it is urban gardening or social agriculture projects, more


A slow fashion brand embracing timeless design and local production to create a thoughtful curation of elegant jewellery and carefully manufactured organic cotton

The Future of Travel

From flying cars to solar-powered glass pods, this London-based design and technology group is on the brink of revolutionising our transport systems.  Ricky Sandhu has

13 Ingredients To Plant A Tree

Whether it is against aging, allergies, for a good digestion or the fight against cancer – super-foods are literally on everyone’s lips. Most of the time,

The Future Of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is currently enjoying unprecedented attention – especially in the energy sector – with the number of policies and ventures worldwide expanding rapidly. It is

Healthy Eating Reimagined

Around 1.5 billion tons of food are thrown away every year or are lost along the value chain. That is around a third of

Stilwerk wird aware_ Member

Passend zum #EarthDay freuen wir uns, mit stilwerk einen weiteren starken Member gewonnen zu haben. Nachhaltigkeit und Zeitlosigkeit sind vor

Diamonds Made Out Of Air

Diamonds are girls best friend for many good reasons. But, indeed, the environmental impact of traditional diamonds is not the

Who Made My Interior?

In 2017, dentist Dorka and business economist Daniel went on a journey. Their mission was to find out who made

Welcome Sascha!

Sascha Pallenberg wird ab dem 1. April 2021 als “Chief Awareness Officer” die Kommunikation von aware_ verantworten und ausbauen. In

Surfing Green

While in the analogue world most things are now checked for climate and environmental compatibility, the digital world remains comparatively

Plant Trees and Chill

This startup is planting trees while you watch Netflix All Netflix users combined emit as much CO2 in 1 second

Leit & Held – A Fine Leather

The Berlin brand LEIT & HELD specializes in genuine leather products that combine traditional craftsmanship and high quality with humane

Oh, Sustainable Christmas!

Five ways to have environmentally friendly christmas holidays Christmas is just around the corner and it is high time for

Being Aware of Yourself

How to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life The days are full of to-dos, the not-so-relaxing holidays are having an

Clean Up With Wildplastic

To date, 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide; about 9% of that has been recycled, and about

About Give and Take

Plastic is one of the biggest problems for our ecosystems, especially when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. One way

The Nature of Wine

Enjoying a glass of wine with friends, preferably right next to each other, sometimes via video conference is something many

Cosmetics for Climate

Somehow, it’s always about looking good, no matter whether we’re in a video meeting, out for a walk or in

A City of the Future

With climate change, demographic change, and digitalization, cities are facing numerous challenges. In 2003, Germany underwent an extreme heatwave lasting

The Future of Denim

Jeans, a fashion item with a lot of history and dozens of facets. Made of cotton, the term denim originated

Sustainability From A-Z

Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries. In Germany alone, 70 million trips are made annually (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft

Travel Without Compromises

Tourism causes around eight percent of the global carbon dioxide emissions (Nature Climate Change). And the impacts of tourism on

From Trash to Treasure?

Hardly any other industry requires such high consumption of water, chemicals, energy and carbon dioxide as the textile industry. But

I Woke Up Like This

Shirts made from upcycled luxury hotel linen Although the hotel industry has improved greatly in this regard, single-use toothbrushes, plastic-wrapped

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