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Up to 6,000 tons of sunscreen end up in the ocean and thus on the highly sensitive ecosystems of coral reefs worldwide every year (Sueddeutsche). Ingredients such as oxybenzone or octinoxate are causing harmful effects to marine organisms such as deformations, DNA damage, bleaching and diseases in the corals (FAZ; WasterlandRebel). The substances are not biodegradable and remain permanently in the water. As the first countries in the world, the Pacific state of Palau and the U.S. state of Hawaii and Bonaire are setting an example in banning sunscreens containing aforementioned ingredients to protect their marine life and reefs (t-online). Part of this movement is also the Munich-based brand NEW LAYER. With their newly developed vegan performance sunscreen that is 100% environmentally conscious they are not only protecting their customers’ skin but also the environment.

Founders Daniel and Markus share a passion for an active life in harmony with nature. After several years in the cosmetics industry, they asked themselves why there always has to be a compromise between effectiveness and environmental protection when it comes to skincare. This is how, after over two years of meticulous research and development working together with a group of sports enthusiasts who themselves spend every free minute outside in the sun, NEW LAYER was born: a sunscreen for active people who want to enjoy the sun without compromises. “We have set out to create uncompromising, conscious and performing innovations for an active life, all while minimalizing our eco footprint. Our products and activities inspire others to protect their own and the planet’s health,” says founder Daniel.

Pro Vitamin D Sunscreen - SPF20

NEW LAYER’s sunscreens are developed in Germany and produced in Switzerland. With their cutting-edge technologies, the products provide long-lasting and effective sun protection, while allowing the skin to breathe without a sticky feeling. The cream absorbs quickly, is waterproof and even supports skin cell renewal with an extra portion of vitamin D. In its products, the brand uses valuable ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which is the key molecule involved in skin hydration. NEW LAYER uses high quality low molecular weight organic hyaluronic acid to bind moisture and absorb into the skin as efficiently as possible. Another ingredient the brand uses is Ectoin, a very powerful natural stress-protective molecule to prevent extrinsic aging caused by external factors such as infrared, blue light or fine dust pollution.

Additionally, NEW LAYER has combined the latest innovations in UV filters, especially Tinosorb and Uvinul, with the best oils, for fast-absorbing and long-lasting protection. “Only chemical filters can offer the ideal combination of performance in terms of protection, water resistance and a sheer touch of your skin – non-greasy, non-sticky. By using the latest innovation of chemical filters, we could develop a formula which is scientifically proven not harming corals or aquatic animals while achieving highest performance,” says Daniel. All products are free from ingredients of concern such as Octocrylene, Oxybenzone, Avobenzone or nanoparticles. 

Pro Bionic Performance Face Cream - Warm Days

NEW LAYER’s coral-friendliness has also been tested and confirmed by an independent institute in a specially designed test. The sunscreen is vegan and micro- or liquid plastic-free. The brand renounces mineral oils, kerosene oil, parabens and PEGs. All packaging, from bottles with a distinctive 80s look to eye-catching printed cardboard, is either fully recycled or made from recycled and green plastic.

So far, NEW LAYER has used one ton less new plastic, and prevented 316 million liters of sea water from being polluted. To further minimize the environmental impact of packaging and shipping, the brand also decided to slightly increase the package size to 75 ml, reducing packaging and shipping by more than 30 %. 

Pro Vitamin D Sunscreen - SPF50+

NEW LAYER works hard to reduce waste and compensates for what cannot be avoided. They invest into offsetting projects for all the waste they cannot avoid making NEW LAYER and all products climate neutral – certified through ClimatePartner. “We hope that Europe and the rest of the world will follow this movement as not only coral reefs, but all aquatic life in the sea, lakes and rivers suffer from harmful chemicals in cosmetic products in general and sunscreen especially,” says the founder. New in the range is the first weather-smart face care which protects the skin depending on the local state of temperature, humidity and UV-ray exposure. “We will continuously develop innovations to free up our customers’ life from compromises between performance and planet’s health.”

By combining highest quality natural and naturally derived ingredients with reef- and health-friendly UV-filter innovations to deliver high performance while being fair to the environment the brand thinks eco-consciously from beginning to end. A holistic product that protects not only the skin but also the environment.


by Marie Klimczak 

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