Digital Renewables Becomes Part of the aware_ Network

  • aware_ partners with digital renewables to enable a net zero industry
  • aware_ and digital renewables see education as elementary for successfully mastering the “Energiewende”
  • digital renewables CEO & Co-Founder, Lukas Liebler, joins the aware_ Academy as an expert on digitalization & climate solutions for industries
digital renewables

Berlin, November 2, 2022 –

The current price as well as volatility development on the energy market demands efficient products and solutions. With its innovative and digital processes, digital renewables offers producers and buyers of green electricity direct market access and turns renewable energies into green commodities. Due to its technological core, the company’s marketplace is highly scalable and thus able to generate real impact with a sustainable business model. Additionally, the company not only delivers low-cost electricity, but also all product-specific reporting information.

aware_ is pleased to have digital renewables CEO & Co-Founder, Lukas Liebler, to join the aware_ Academy. In his masterclass “Marketplace & Digitalization” the expert speaks about the why, what and how of energy supply, the creation of a low-threshold renewable energy product and its integration into a business model.

“aware_ and digital renewables are united by the approach of supporting the industry on its way to climate neutrality through efficient education. Together, we can make our digital approaches and pursuit of timely answers and products for the industry, and especially SMEs, even more efficient and powerful.“ – Lukas Liebler, CEO & Co-Founder, digital renewables

“With energy costs on the rise, there is no better time than now to start consuming more consciously. Therefore, we are thrilled to share digital renewables‘ expertise with our network.“ – Kim N. Fischer, Co-Founder, aware_

About aware_

The Berlin-based start-up aware_ THE PLATFORM gives companies, politics, business and individuals a schematic overview as well as authoritative impulses on one platform to provide transparency and guidance in sustainability. With the aware_ Academy, the start-up offers a digital training program for employees and interest groups that creates qualitative touch points in the areas of sustainability and change management. www.aware-theplatform.com

About digital renewables

Together with its strategic partners SAP & KPMG, digital renewables provides companies with easy access to climate solutions such as electricity products from renewable energies or compensation up to energy efficiency including ESG/reporting compliance. digital renewables offers digital services for producers and buyers to realize a legally compliant business in real time. www.digital-renewables.com

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