A two-day Boutique Event of
Inspiration, Ideas and Insights.

21.-22. September 2020

The aware_Conference aims to bring together cooperates, creatives, start-ups, entrepreneurs and politicians to collaborate on future focused projects that positively impact the planet and humanity.

At the same time we want to offer a mixture of absolute experts who bring real learnings and personalities who have made it their business to work on sustainable innovations and technologies.

It is a platform for all industries – with focus on the topics sustainable architecture & design, mobility, sustainable packaging & materials, renewable energy, technology / AI, mindfulness and education.

The aware_Conference is a place of exchange, interaction and problem solving. Brands are interconnected in order to develop common solutions for a sustainable future. aware. has been created to accelerate a process of change that is already in progress and to bring early adapters to the mass market. 

We provide inspiration, training and networking. Join the CONFERENCE!


Prof. Dr. Kai Andrejewski
Regionalvorstand Süd
KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Dr. Sebastian Rudolph
Vice President Communications, Sustainability and Politics
Porsche AG

Tamy Ribeiro, Wunder Mobility, Chief Mobility Evangelist _ Head of Partnerships_SQUARE

Tamy Ribeiro
Chief Mobility Evangelist
Wunder Mobility

Stefan Wulff
Otto Wulff Bauunternehmung GmbH

Carla Eysel
ALBA Europe Holding plc. & Co KG

Jörn Nitschmann
Head of Manufacturing & Automotive Central Europe

Kunal Sachdeva
Global Digital Executive
Microsoft Corp.

Vera Wienken
Strategic Designer
Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Sascha Pallenberg_Daimler AG_Head of digital Transformation_SQUARE

Sascha Pallenberg
Head of digital Transformation
Daimler AG

Prof. Jörg Rocholl PhD
ESMT Berlin

Michael Salcher
Regionalvorstand Ost

Alexander Garbe
Stilwerk GmbH

Peter Wouda
Design Director & MD
VW Future Center Europe GmbH

Lukas-Pierre Bessis
Digital Evangilist

Dr. rer. pol. Jeremias Kettner Senator of the Economy and Director of the Arabic Cultural House, The Divan

Dan Kreibich

Anna Alex
Planetly GmbH

Boris Rogosch

Jannick Hofrichter
Head of Expansion
Floatility GmbH

Mark Korzilius

Oliver Gibbins
Gibbins Architekten BDA

Manuel Ehlers
Relationship Manager
Sustainable Properties
Triodos Bank

Tareq Fadai
General Manager D.A.CH.,
Sofacompany GmbH

Prof. Sigurd Larsen
Sigurd Larsen Design & Architecture

Harald Rettich
Projektleiter Partnerschaften
myclimate Deutschland gGmbh

Franc Arnold
Ca Go Bike GmbH

Program Day 1

Sustainable Living, Cities & Mobility

Sustainable & Smart Cities 
Thomas Andrae, AtomLeap, Co-Founder & MIT Sloan School of Manage & Stanford, Guest-Lecture

Alles im grünen Bereich?Warum Nachhaltigkeit heute ein wirtschaftliches Muss ist – und was das für Ihr Geschäftsmodell bedeutet
Prof. Dr. Kai Andrejewski, KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Regionalvorstand Süd

Nachhaltigkeit bei Porsche
Dr. Sebastian Rudolph, Leiter Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Presse, Nachhaltigkeit und Politik, Porsche AG

Impulse talk
The impacts of environmental knowledge on car ownership (english)
Tamy Ribeiro, Chief Mobility Evangilist, Wunder Mobility

Nachhaltigkeitsziele im Bereich Automotive
Sascha Pallenberg, Head of Digital Transformation, Daimler AG

Die Evolution urbaner Mikromobilität: Cargo & Family-Bikes im Zentrum der innerstädtischen Verkehrswende
Franc Arnold, CEO & Founder, Ca Go Bike GmbH

Sustainability Needs a Courageous Mindset.
What Shared Mobility, Autonomous Driving and Hyperloop have in common.
Joern Nitschmann, Fujitsu, Head of Manufacturing & Automotive Central Europe
Stefanie Horn, Fujitsu, IT-Consultant & Business Developer Smart City
Christof Schleidt, Fujitsu, Head of Sales & Business Development, Connected Services Manufacturing & Automotive

Modellation urbaner Mobilität 
Dr. Martin Dürr, Dromos Technologies AG, CTO

Nachhaltiges Design / Materialität
Peter Wouda, VW Future Center Europe GmbH, Design Director & MD

Demonstrating systemic urban development for circular and regenerative cities
Stefan Wulff, Otto Wulff Bauunternehmung GmbH, CEO

Kundenorientierte Lebensmittelversorgung und ihre Auswirkungen auf die traditionelle Lebensmittelversorgungskette
Mark Korzilius, &ever, Founder & CEO

Re-Framing Architecture
Old Stones, New Life
Alexander Garbe, Stilwerk GmbH, CEO
Oliver Gibbins, Gibbins Architekten BDA, CEO
Moritz May, m2r architecture GmbH & Co. KG, CEO
Manuel Ehlers, Triodos Bank, Architekt

Smart City
Ecosystems make it happen
Carla Eysel, CEO, ALBA Europe Holding plc. & Co KG // ALBA SE

Sustainability Agenda vs. Sustainable Agenda
Can a consumer goods company become sustainable
Tareq Fadai, Sofacompany GmbH, General Manager D.A.CH.

Planetly GmbH – Anna Alex, Founder

COMPENSaid by Lufthansa – Dan Kreibich, Founder

e-Floater – Jannik Hofrichter, Head of Expansion

ONO –Beres Seelbach, CEO  

BIO-LUTIONS – Celine Barth, Head of Marketing / PR 

Program Day 2

Sustainable Innovations, Technology & Management

Nachhaltigkeit 2.0: Wie Innovation eine Nachhaltige Wirtschaft formen kann
Dr. Carla Woydt

Energie im Jahr 2020: Neue Wege zur Dekarbonisierung
Michael Salcher, Regionalvorstand Ost, KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Yes, Sustainability can be in your digital strategy. (english)
Kunal Sachdev, Microsoft Corp., Global Digital Executive

AI and sustainabel Invests 
Tobias Schirmer, Join Capital GmbH, CEO & Founder

Smart + Sustainable
Thomas Tuma, Handelsblatt Gruppe, STv. Chefredakteur

Leadership and Sustainability in Cultural Diplomacy: A paradox?
Dr. rer. pol. Jeremias Kettner, Senator of the Economy, Founder of BigSmallWorld and Director of the Arabic Cultural House, The Divan

The Future of Education: International, Digital, Sustainable
Jörg Rocholl, PhD, ESMT Berlin, President

Klimaschutz mit Strategie 
Von der CO2-Bilanzierung bis zur erfolgreichen Kommunikation
Harald Rettich, Projektleiter Partnerschaften, myclimate Deutschland gGmbh

Smart & Sustainable Cities
Prof. Sigurd Larson, Sigurd Larsen Design & Architecture, CEO
Lukas Bessis, Digitaler Evangilist & Bestsellerautor
Vinzent Britz, SelamX, Art Director
Sascha Pallenberg, Daimler AG, Head of Digital Transformation



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Smart Cities

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