Berlin – the sustainable capital of fashion?

sustainable fashion

To learn more about Berlin Fashion Week 2022 and the city’s love for sustainable fashion, aware_ sat down with Berliner and green fashion expert Cherie Birkner  As the world heats up, sustainable fashion has also become a hot (and pressing) topic. It is now well known that the fast fashion industry contributes a great deal […]

aware_ Academy supports Viva con Agua and clean drinking water

clean drinking water

Together with Viva con Agua, aware_ offers the speakers of the aware_ Academy to donate their expense allowance aware_ supports Viva con Agua to promote access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene Carolin Stüdemann, Executive Board at Viva con Agua, will be part of a Masterclass of the aware_ Academy Berlin, August 17, 2022 – 2.2 billion people […]

A Conversation with the Interdisciplinary Artist and Activist Beatie Wolfe

Beatie Wolfe

Beatie Wolfe was immersed in the creative spheres from a young age. With a rare bookseller for a father, and a therapist and writer for a mother, Wolfe has been exposed to the arts for as long as she can remember, to which her impressive list of accolades are a true testament. Originally born in […]

Is Digital Clothing the Future?

digital clothing

Imagine a cleansing of the senses. Noses are exposed to the smell of trees due to programmes of reforestation, the acrid smell of diesel a distant memory. The sense of touch is exposed to organic, natural materials, a far cry from the synthetic substances humans are exposed to today. The taste of fermentation hits the […]

About Human Nature

human nature

Disconnecting from nature is one of the biggest challenges humans are facing today. aware_ gives a guide on the importance of reconnecting with human nature. There is a meme floating through social media which reveals an ugly truth: The scrabbles of the logos of six mega brands – for example the big M – are […]

Sustainability Dominates the Discourse at Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week is unique in its ability to influence the discourse around sustainability. Unlike the “Big Four” – Paris, Milan, London and New York – Berlin’s fashion calendar is not limited to the schedules of luxury designers, who have, until recently, dominated the fashion landscape. With the freedom to move away from a rigid […]

From Fast Food to Slow Food

Slow Food

For the non-profit organization Slow Food, food is considered a “means to life.” aware_ takes a look at how the association is raising awareness, making itself a pioneer in the food sector Over the course of our lives, we eat about 100,000 meals. Today’s mostly industrially produced foods are mass products with a high degree […]

Subpod Composting System: the no.1 destination for all your food scraps

food scraps

One third of food produced for human consumption is wasted globally every year. That’s approximately 1.3 billion tons of food discarded before it even has the chance to hit the plate. And what about the food that does reach us? According to research, we release up to 150kg of food into the general waste system each […]

Shop Local!


How regional quality labels and initiatives can make regional enjoyment and local consumption a matter of course More than ever, the slogans “support local” or “shop small” popped up during the Corona pandemic. On Instagram, there is even a feature labeled “support small business” that enables users to link to a local business and share […]