The Future of Sustainable Mobility

sustainable mobility

Green alternatives versus oil thirsty car use – aware_ delved into how sustainable mobility impacts people and the planet. Reducing personal road traffic is a huge step towards easing our reliance on climate change inducing fossil fuels. This is because private car use accounts for a large part of the global transport carbon footprint (Science […]

Deceleration In The Fast Lane

Aesthetic, athletic and design-savvy are attributes that equally apply to the Taycan 4S and to aware_. The aware_ co-founders Lena Schrum and Kim Fischer drove Porsche’s electric sports car through downtown Berlin for a week and took us along for the ride.   “Countering the advancing global climate change is a task for society as a […]

Urban Air Mobility – Mobility Of The Third Dimension

How can Urban Air Mobility (UAM) contribute to a more flexible, reliable, affordable, sustainable, integrated and user-oriented transportation system? More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, generating more than 80 percent of global GDP today (FEV). As populations in megacities continue to grow, cities are challenged with diseconomies such as traffic […]

The Future of Travel

From flying cars to solar-powered glass pods, this London-based design and technology group is on the brink of revolutionising our transport systems.  Ricky Sandhu has an infectious curiosity that has not wavered in the 7 years since founding his design and technology group small. (Six Miles Across London). I had the pleasure of experiencing this appetite for revolutionary innovation when we met back […]

Travel Without Compromises

Tourism causes around eight percent of the global carbon dioxide emissions (Nature Climate Change). And the impacts of tourism on the environment are diverse: Besides the particular climate-damaging emissions from transportation, the consumption of water, the use of land and goods, waste and the loss of biodiversity also play an important role. 40 percent of […]

Sustainability From A-Z

Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries. In Germany alone, 70 million trips are made annually (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie). Inevitably, tourism has an impact on the environment due to the enormous consumption of energy and the emission of air pollutants. Worldwide, 40 percent of carbon dioxide emissions of tourism is due to […]

Data Creates Smart Cities

Smart cities are the dream of urban planners and visionaries. But they are no longer a distant dream of the future – Fujitsu shows how realistic and future-proof current smart city concepts already are. A city that thinks and participates; that helps every inhabitant to achieve their goals. Is that a smart city? Basically, a […]

Tomorrow’s Mobility Today

Mobility start-up Dromos steps in to help shape the public transport of the future In the morning on the way to work, it often feels cramped and especially on public transport such as the metro. Not only in times of Corona do you wish for a little more distance and the rare seat that you […]

What Does Covid-19 Mean for the Automotive Industry?

Exclusive interview with automotive consultant Timo Nührich We were recently inspired by the interview with Daimler/Mercedes Benz CEO, Ola Källenius, about how this large automotive company is navigating the COVID-19 crisis. It got us thinking: what does this mean for the whole industry? Most mobility companies are massively affected by the crisis. Is it time for these companies to […]