Berlin – the sustainable capital of fashion?

sustainable fashion

To learn more about Berlin Fashion Week 2022 and the city’s love for sustainable fashion, aware_ sat down with Berliner and green fashion expert Cherie Birkner  As the world heats up, sustainable fashion has also become a hot (and pressing) topic. It is now well known that the fast fashion industry contributes a great deal […]

Sustainability Dominates the Discourse at Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week is unique in its ability to influence the discourse around sustainability. Unlike the “Big Four” – Paris, Milan, London and New York – Berlin’s fashion calendar is not limited to the schedules of luxury designers, who have, until recently, dominated the fashion landscape. With the freedom to move away from a rigid […]

3 Sustainable Fabrics We Can’t Stop Talking About

sustainable fabrics

The evolution of domestic materials has great historical and cultural significance. The manufacture of materials such a cotton and silk have played a major role in cross continental power struggle, whilst nowadays the necessary development of sustainable fabrics has shifted to explore technological landscapes not defined by land and sea.  Silk, the production of which […]

Materiability – a playground for exploring tomorrow


aware_ talks to Dr. sc. Manuel Kretzer, Director of the Materiability Research Group, about the emerging world of materials and the role that smart materials and biomaterials will play Whether it is recycled plastic from the ocean or organic cotton, the groundbreaking leather substitutes like alter-appa made of polyester and polyurethane, cork, or even apple skin […]

5 Sustainable Activewear Brands Worth Sporting For Your Next Workout

sustainable activewear

This week at aware_ we’re thinking about how to keep active, whilst considering the well-being of our planet. Traditionally, brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma have dominated the sportswear market but as consumers become more conscious of their purchasing power, sustainable activewear brands are on the rise. It’s not just recycled fabrics that are […]

Philippe Starck Presents the Dream of Winter Gondola

Philippe Starck

The celebrated designer and architect Philippe Starck designs a 3D image to celebrate the rich heritage of Venice and raise further awareness for a city facing the direct consequences of climate change. During the warmer months, the streets of Venice are alive with tourists hoping for a look inside the Basilica di San Marco or to travel […]

Interview with POOL: Berlin’s community-first fashion rental service

fashion rental

aware_ writer Eliza Edwards sits down with Rune Orloff, the co-founder of POOL: the fashion rental service disrupting Berlin’s fashion landscape. Rune Orloff harbours an insatiable optimism, a sentiment necessary when deciding to establish a fashion rental business during a global pandemic. Before venturing into the rental space, Orloff worked at Mykita, advised companies such […]

The Unsustainable World of Sneakers

From an infamous feud between two brothers who established rivalry sneaker brands Puma and Adidas, to “sneakerheads” joining a 6am queue to wait for the latest release, sneakers have become a cornerstone of modern living. Whether it’s on the red carpet or just a way to get to the office in record time “sneakers have made their […]

From Disposable To Reusable

reusable packaging

A standardized reusable system in the take-away sector to reduce plastic In Germany, 770 metric tons of waste are generated every day by disposable takeaway packaging (Die Bundesregierung). The amount of packaging waste had been rising steadily within the last ten years. With the pandemic, it is to be feared that this quantity will now […]

Patagonia: A Brand Determined to Empower People to Protect Their Environment

patagonia_campaign- sustainable-ecofriendly

The iconic 1995 Patagonia catalogue image pictures a baby being thrown over a ravine from the arms of her mother into the outstretched arms of her father. It’s one of those rare snapshots that takes your breath away for a moment, the baby (Jordan Leads, now 27 years old) is captured mid-air, vulnerable to the […]