How a Green Lifestyle Can Benefit Our Health

green lifestyle

When it comes to improving our health, sustainability and a green lifestyle play an important role. aware_ looked at what we need to do to have a positive impact on our health and the environment. When it comes to improving our health, sustainability and an environmentally conscious lifestyle play an important role. After all, when we reduce our carbon […]

Soap made for human, home, and Earth


One product that has not left our side in the last two years is soap. Yet, the conversion of oils and fats with the help of an alkali into soap is one of the oldest and simplest chemical reactions known to mankind. It is believed that the first soaps were accidentally made from fat dripping […]

The Art of Green Cleaning


Many cleaning brands have embraced sustainable branding – emblazoning products with words such as eco, or bottles wrapped in green packaging. As is the case with all industries, consumers are burdened with deciphering the authentic intention of the brand. But just how much of an effect does cleaning have on the environment, and can green […]

In vitro meat – is meat from the lab a truly sustainable alternative?

in vitro meat

A genius scientific idea or still a topic for the future? In Vitro Meat could serve as a non-vegetarian but sustainable, animal-friendly and environmentally friendly alternative of the future. By 2050, the world’s population will increase from the current 7.3 billion to 9.6 billion. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has […]

About Human Nature

human nature

Disconnecting from nature is one of the biggest challenges humans are facing today. aware_ gives a guide on the importance of reconnecting with human nature. There is a meme floating through social media which reveals an ugly truth: The scrabbles of the logos of six mega brands – for example the big M – are […]

Subpod Composting System: the no.1 destination for all your food scraps

food scraps

One third of food produced for human consumption is wasted globally every year. That’s approximately 1.3 billion tons of food discarded before it even has the chance to hit the plate. And what about the food that does reach us? According to research, we release up to 150kg of food into the general waste system each […]

3 Influencers Bringing Sustainability in Sport to Social Media

sustainable activewear

The influencer industry is powered by consumption. Video after video show bodies jump – sometimes literally – into outfit after outfit. Each snapshot exists as an effort to persuade the scroller that they won’t just need one coat this winter, but five. Here at aware_ we want to speak to individuals who are using social media […]

A Conversation with Soul Collective on Mindful Living

mindful living

aware_ sits down with Marianne Abbott and Natalie Herb, founders of the Berlin-based platform Soul Collective, to explore the true meaning of mindful living. The internet is divided over Goop. In 2020 the wellness and lifestyle brand, founded by celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow, was fined $145,000 for cajoling its audience to buy “vagina eggs”. The sale […]

New Year’s Resolution: Sexual Well-being

sexual well-being

How does sustainable behavior positively impact the environment and us as individuals, and what role does sexual well-being play in that process? New Year’s is all about resolutions. People set goals for the coming year or years. Whatever resolutions are made, the turn of the year offers time for reflection. And more importantly, it provides […]