Sustainable Banking – a Conversation with DG Nexolution’s Head of Sustainability

sustainable banking

The financial industry is rethinking its customers’ expectations, its diversity of thought, and its approach to technology. aware_ spoke with Deborah Montanus, Head of Sustainability at DG Nexolution, about sustainable banking and how the company is helping banks embrace the green movement. Traditionally, the finance and banking sector’s corporate social responsibility efforts have not focused […]

From Green to Blue – the Sustainable Blue Economy

sustainable blue economy

The ocean is the largest ecosystem in the world. It covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface and is home to an estimated 80% of the planet’s biodiversity. It provides clean energy and supplies us with oxygen, food and many important resources. As the most significant climate regulator and largest natural carbon sink, it […]

The Rise of Eco-friendly Cryptocurrencies

eco-friendly cryptocurrencies

aware_ dives into the environmental repercussions of Bitcoin and explores the rise of eco-friendly cryptocurrencies. The release of the first cryptocurrency brought with it widespread intrigue. Up until 2009, the year which saw the release of Bitcoin – which many investors argue was the first cryptocurrency – traditional banks ruled the world of finance. Although […]

Ethical Investing

ethical investing

From green banking to impact investing, aware_ presents an introduction to ethical investing Post COP26, when assessing the current state of the financial sector, the familiar expression “put your money where your mouth is” springs to mind. As scientists and researchers become more knowledgeable about the fundamental impact the global economy has on the planet, banks and investors are increasingly forced to align themselves with the UN SDG goals (see below). With […]

7 Start-ups You Should Be Aware Of


From ESG data analysis to sustainable investments – aware_ has curated seven start-ups you should be aware of On November 24, the aware_ x THE conference enters a virtual second round: The experts of the curated network of aware_ THE PLATFORM and THE provide a cross-sector insight into the future topics of Sustainable Cities […]

Your Investment in a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is quickly becoming the main factor when choosing a bank. The financial sector plays an important role in encouraging environmentally friendly and sustainable investments. Transparency, implementation of eco-friendly strategies and reduction of the carbon footprint is what inspires banks today. For a long time, sustainability was not a word being used in the finance […]