Circular Economy: A Conversation with Steffen Müter

circular economy

aware_ spoke to Steffen Müter, Head of DACH and Chair of Fujitsu Services GmbH Management Directors Board, to find out about how one of the world’s largest tech companies is making changes towards a circular economy. With Europe’s announcement of a new Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP), together with a sustainable products initiative (SPI) as […]

Carbon Offsetting: A Conversation with ForTomorrow

carbon offsetting

aware_ spoke to Ruth von Heusinger, Founder & Managing Director at ForTomorrow, to find out about why carbon offsetting is an essential tool to battle climate change and how we can help at an individual level Living in an industrialized, modern world means we have a lot of amenities and take on daily activities that […]

About Resource Efficiency

resource efficiency

All over the world, while 10% of people still live in extreme poverty, most of the population has become accustomed to a certain, very different standard of living (UN Environment Programme). We open the tap and water comes out. In the winter, we turn on the heat and our homes get warm. We flip a […]

How a Green Lifestyle Can Benefit Our Health

green lifestyle

When it comes to improving our health, sustainability and a green lifestyle play an important role. aware_ looked at what we need to do to have a positive impact on our health and the environment. When it comes to improving our health, sustainability and an environmentally conscious lifestyle play an important role. After all, when we reduce our carbon […]

Global Heat Waves: How Hot is Too Hot

global heat waves

With climate change, air temperatures are rising, the number of hot days and heat waves is increasing, and frost days and cold waves are decreasing. When do heat waves become a danger to humans and when is hot even too hot?