Carrots Under Collectors – A New Way of Dual Energy Production

Renewable energy is one of the cornerstones of a sustainable life and economy. This is also true for agriculture. A new principle directly uses an area twice, the so-called Agro Solar or Agro Photovoltaic stands for the dual use of agricultural land with photovoltaic systems above it. With the start of 2021, many farmers in […]

Solar Energy Meets Modern Architecture

How clever solar architecture could boost our renewable energy usage 2019 was one of the best years for the solar (PV) industry. Thanks to the decreasing cost of solar panels, they are becoming more accessible and widespread.Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, experts even said that this could be¬†boosting the demand for solar installations, especially […]

Surfing Green

While in the analogue world most things are now checked for climate and environmental compatibility, the digital world remains comparatively unaffected. Yet, the internet is the sixth largest consumer of electricity on the planet (BUND). 2.5 billion people use the World Wide Web every day (UmweltDialog). Consequently, in Germany alone, internet and computer use cause […]