An Introduction to Carbon Capture

carbon capture

When the wind blows from east to west in the Gobi Desert singing can heard as the grains of sand vibrate together with a layer of silica to make a deep hum. The desert – a vast expanse in northern China and southern Mongolia – is known for its breath-taking dunes, mountains, and rare animals, […]

Human Impact on the Environment

Human impact on the environment

“We live in times of relentless loss”, writes Daniel MacMillen Voskoboynik in his introduction for Luka Tomac’s book of photography, 1 Degree Rising. “The imprint of a portion of humanity has violently reconfigured the cycles of the planet’s waters, chemistry, soil, atmosphere and thermal balance”, Voskoboynik continues. The imprint of humanity Voskoboynik highlights in his writing […]

Geothermal Energy – A Natural Underfloor Heating System


Geothermal energy refers to the thermal energy stored in the accessible part of the earth’s crust and its utilization for heating purposes or electricity generation. When it comes to renewable energy, we often talk about wind or solar power. An energy resource that is often forgotten or even criticized is geothermal energy. Yet, power and […]

7 Start-ups You Should Be Aware Of


From ESG data analysis to sustainable investments – aware_ has curated seven start-ups you should be aware of On November 24, the aware_ x THE conference enters a virtual second round: The experts of the curated network of aware_ THE PLATFORM and THE provide a cross-sector insight into the future topics of Sustainable Cities […]

5 Start-ups You Should Be Aware Of

From renewable energies to sustainable supply chains – aware_ has curated five start-ups you should know about. When it comes to start-ups, flat hierarchies and promotion opportunities, flexible working and self-determination, diversity and creativity may come to mind. It is New Work in its purest form that is currently revolutionizing all industries. By inventing a new product or an innovative service, start-ups thrive to overcome […]

From The Desert To An Oasis Of Sustainability

Autonomous trains, the housing estate Sustainable City and solar energy in Dubai’s desert have been breathing environmental awareness into the city When thinking of Dubai, an overgrowth of concrete, glass and steel that has grown out of the hot Arabian sand over the past 30 years may come to mind. Since its financial and economic […]

The Essence Of Life

Since the beginning of the pandemic, self-sufficiency has become particularly noticeable in many households. Whether it is urban gardening or social agriculture projects, more and more useful plants are finding their way into gardens, balconies and onto the table. Self-sufficiency has not only become more important in agriculture, but also in the energy sector. Many companies use the local, natural conditions of their locations to […]

The Future Of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is currently enjoying unprecedented attention – especially in the energy sector – with the number of policies and ventures worldwide expanding rapidly. It is the most common element in the universe and is present in almost all organic compounds; it has been estimated that approximately 90 percent of all atoms are hydrogen (Columbia University). Yet, hydrogen atoms do not exist in nature by themselves. Its atoms […]