Carbon Offsetting: A Conversation with ForTomorrow

carbon offsetting

aware_ spoke to Ruth von Heusinger, Founder & Managing Director at ForTomorrow, to find out about why carbon offsetting is an essential tool to battle climate change and how we can help at an individual level Living in an industrialized, modern world means we have a lot of amenities and take on daily activities that […]

Sustainable brand building – a long lasting trend?

sustainable brand building

aware_ sat down with Pascal Staud, Co-Founder & Global Mobility Lead at Media.Monks, to talk about the importance of sustainable brand building. Whether in ecological, economic or social terms, the pandemic has made it clear how important sustainability is – also in a corporate context. Many brands have become aware of how much they benefit […]

About Resource Efficiency

resource efficiency

All over the world, while 10% of people still live in extreme poverty, most of the population has become accustomed to a certain, very different standard of living (UN Environment Programme). We open the tap and water comes out. In the winter, we turn on the heat and our homes get warm. We flip a […]

Global Heat Waves: How Hot is Too Hot

global heat waves

With climate change, air temperatures are rising, the number of hot days and heat waves is increasing, and frost days and cold waves are decreasing. When do heat waves become a danger to humans and when is hot even too hot?

Everything you need to know about the global sand shortage

With the rising demand for sand, the world is facing a shortage of this seemingly endless resource. How can we stop the ‘sand grab’? ‘In every grain of sand there is a story of the earth.’ Rachel Carson, Environmentalist The 1965 science fiction novel ‘Dune’ depicts a future interstellar feudal society that revolves around the dystopian desert […]

Green Claiming versus Marketing: Why is Greenwashing no longer an option?

green claiming

With green buzzwords becoming more prevalent in marketing, aware_ looked at the difference between green claiming and greenwashing and how to stop the latter. Eco-friendly. Sustainable. Carbon neutral. Biodegradable. Responsible. The proliferation of such green language can be seen advertised across many industries in the recent years, from cars and cosmetics to food and fashion. […]

A Conversation with the Interdisciplinary Artist and Activist Beatie Wolfe

Beatie Wolfe

Beatie Wolfe was immersed in the creative spheres from a young age. With a rare bookseller for a father, and a therapist and writer for a mother, Wolfe has been exposed to the arts for as long as she can remember, to which her impressive list of accolades are a true testament. Originally born in […]