How to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life

The days are full of to-dos, the not-so-relaxing holidays are having an echo effect and the good plans for 2021 are also sending their stressful harbingers into the stressed mindset.

And even though the past year has given us some time for self reflection, to learn about ourselves, we always looked for new tasks to do or were given them at work. No matter if it was the passion for painting, banana bread baking marathons, the search for a new job or managing family and home office at the same time. In the end, despite all of this time, there are still enough tasks we have to do or burden ourselves with – without “taking the chance and dedicating this donated time to ourselves”, explains Mara Sandrasekaram. The 34-year-old from Berlin is a coach and helps actors, musicians and entrepreneurs, as she says, “to understand their own integrity. In other words, to be as authentic as possible. To understand who they are, why they do the things they do and to work out with them what they are particularly good at.”

In doing so, Mara mainly listens and gives impulses in the right places so that her clients find out exactly that. The impulses Mara passes on refer to a more mindful way of dealing with ourselves. Without the false image of esotericism, because “mindfulness has been brought closer to us from a very spiritual side in the last decades. In order to give the topic a lot of attention and acceptance, this was perhaps not the right approach, because there is nothing purely spiritual about a mindful life. It is simply a conscious approach to ourselves and everything we do. Conveniently, this year we got the chance to deal with the topic of mindfulness in a different, everyday way,” Mara explains.

Picture: Mara Sandrasekaram