Berlin – July 2019

aware_ Kickoff Event at Hotel de Rome Berlin

To the opening of the Fashion Week in Berlin, the sustainability platform “aware_ the Platform” went live in the context of a Sustainability Conference at the Hotel de Rome.

Under the heading “Sustainability – A Mindshift” speaker like

discussed about the possibilities and motives of Sustainable Living, integrating sustainable awareness and action into everyday life and the necessity of rethinking. Felicia Mutterer moderated the conference in front of a circle of 120 invited guests.

“Since I have been working on the topic of sustainable fashion in my blog, I have noticed that it is not so easy to distinguish between those who really produce sustainably and those who merely follow the sustainability trend and do greenwashing.” (Marie Nasemann, Fairknallt)

“Private and public sectors should dovetail better for a holistic solution in the sense of sustainability and consciously integrate knowledge from other sectors. Here, IT can be a valuable enabler.” (Jörn Nitschmann, Fujitsu)

“My role model is Stockholm, which, as one of the most future-oriented cities, has recognised the issue of sustainability and is consistently pursuing it with regard to mobility. (Claus Unterkircher, VOI)

In the course of the evening, the T-shirt specially created for the launch event with the motto “REUSE REDUSE RECYCLE”, designed by the Berlin design studio SOUVENIR official, was also presented.

Many thanks to everyone who came and made the event so enjoyable!