aware_ gains first US Advisory Board member – welcome, Detria Williamson!

Berlin, February 2022 – Detria Williamson will be joining aware_ as part of the Advisory Board. As an internationally recognized digital marketer, Detria has spent over 20 years helping category-leading companies become experience-led and content-driven. Drawing on her experience living and working in the U.S., London, Singapore, and the Middle East, she developed the ICX (Inclusive Customer Experience) approach, which enables visionary leaders to embrace inclusivity as a pervasive element of their business ecosystem. In addition, the multiple Cannes Awards winner works within the convergence of technology and experience and is a digital marketer who uses the power of storytelling through technology to create a sense of belonging with brands and build global brand communities.


“All the economic and operational transformations taking place today underscore the importance of connecting with employees and customers in meaningful ways. Sustainability in business drives brand resilience. The ability to change customer experiences as people’s values and preferences change differentiates companies that are agile from those that are at risk of failure. I am excited to working with aware_ to collaborate on these processes, shape our future, and guide the expansion across key markets globally including North America and EMEA.” – Detria Williamson

“aware_ is an accelerator, creating a unifying element for the smooth implementation of a company’s Planet Positive agenda across all departments. With Detria, we have gained a visionary in marketing and integration and look forward to initiating and accompanying the necessary transformation processes together with her.” – Kim N. Fischer, Co-Founder of aware_ 

About aware_ 

aware_ reflects the mission to guide companies on their way to sustainable transformation and to accelerate the Planet Positive agenda through knowledge transfer, best practices, and networking. The digital aware_ Academy, an on-demand learning platform with content from international sustainability experts, educates employees of all knowledge levels on ESG topics and empowers them to actively shape change within the company. The physical aware_ Academy, a uniquely designed, once-a-year invitation-only event, completes the portfolio with the peer-to-peer component of learning with and from each other across industries. 

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