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Where the sustainable world connects.

The aware_ Corporate Membership is a curated and exclusive cross-industry network that connects corporates, startups and creatives to interact and collaboratively work on future-oriented impact projects. Benefit from monthly community events to receive impulses for a successful sustainability strategy. Learn from other members or pass on their own achievements. Spar with peers. Physical and digital.

What corporates say

“I am very interested in exchanging views on the subject of sustainability with other colleagues from different areas, different industries. In my opinion, that’s what makes the aware_ concept so special.”

Jörn Nitschmann, Head of Manufacturing and Automotive, Fujitsu Central Europe 

“I’m fascinated by the community that has come together here. I’m very impressed and excited.“ 

Antje Hundhausen, VP Brand Experience, Telekom AG 

“It’s a small, exclusive circle that seems like a coalition of the willing who really want to make a difference in sustainability.” 

Dr. Kerim Galal, CEO, Dekra Digital

“We pitched a business idea today and wanted to get feedback from the guests present. We have the feeling that you really talk at eye level and thus develop your idea further. Today we got some inspiration that we can now incorporate into the further development of our product.”

Pascal Staud, Managing Director, Staud Studios

“I think it’s good that we have an open forum for exchange here. Here we talk bluntly. Here, what works or doesn’t work at the moment is put on the table. We think about how we can do things better, we think very hard about how we can work together. It’s a very collaborative, collegial, open approach that can lead to us making a tangible difference in a short, strong time.“

Thomas Andrae, Managing Partner, Linden Capital GmbH

“It’s great to see so many people from different areas coming together and becoming „aware“.”

Alexander Garbe, CEO, Stilwerk GmbH

“Transparency, zeitgeist and drive for action characterize our sustainability partner aware_. A curated network of diverse minds and corporates contribute to taking responsibility for the future. Each in his own area, but together for the big picture.”  

Alexander Bilgeri, Vice President Corporate Communications Strategy, Messaging, Communication Channels for the BMW Group

“Aware_ gathers committed and creative organizations across the most important industries to protect our planet.”

Dr. Jens Wohltorf, Co-Founder & CEO, Blacklane

“Porsche is involved in aware the platform as both a partner and a participant. We are pursuing our vision to be the pionier of sustainable mobility. By 2030, Porsche plans to have a C02-neutral footprint across the entire value chain.”

Dr. Sebastian Rudolph, Porsche AG

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