5 of Berlin’s Most Sustainable Restaurants

Becoming more sustainable can be integrated into all aspects of our life, even the food we eat.

We can make our food more environmentally friendly by buying produce from local farmers, for example.

Eating a vegetarian diet has also been proven to help our planet. Why? 15% of the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere can be ascribed to livestock farming. Eating no (or less) meat, therefore reduces the amount of greenhouse gases we emit into our earth’s atmosphere. We also save our forests because livestock production is responsible for 70% of deforestation in the Amazon region of Latin America, where rainforests are being cleared to create new pastures. Of course, you don’t have to become vegetarian overnight, but if you truly care about living a sustainable lifestyle, it does help our environment to consume less meat. In this article we want to share 6 of the most delicious, sustainable restaurants in Berlin, so that you can enjoy your meal with a good conscience.


“Full taste, zero waste” is the motto at FREA restaurant in Torstrasse. It pursues a unique concept: in addition to avoiding plastic, all leftover food is composted in their in-house composting machine and returned to supplier farms within 24 hours.

The Restaurant conjures vegan dishes from sustainable products that come exclusively from regional organic farmers. Amongst other things, customers can enjoy homemade sourdough bread, homemade pasta with pumpkin or even chocolate and hazelnut milk, served from FREA’s own production. If you are looking to enjoy all-around environmentally-friendly dishes then this is your go-to spot.



The Daluma team has three goals: serving effective nutrients for the body, full of flavor and high sustainability. It’s one of the most sustainable restaurants on this list, as it solely uses sustainable resources, from ingredients all the way to the electricity and packaging. In addition to daily freshly prepared dishes, the shop is largely known for its homemade juices and smoothies. These are filled into glass bottles on-site and provided with a nutritional table and color codes for customers to understand the optimal concentration of nutrients. Daluma is extremely forward-thinking and offers dishes that meet its customers’ needs.


Bistro Bardot

At this breakfast deli located in the Almodóvar Hotel one can enjoy vegetarian-Mediterranean delicacies such as the vegan Berlin Currywurst or delicious scrambled eggs with home-baked bread from its breakfast and brunch buffet. So-called „living food“ dishes made from foods without prior heat treatment as well as exclusive new creations from the South represent this modern dining culture. All food and drinks are organically grown and can of course also be ordered vegan.


Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro

The menu at the Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro holds a choice of ten vegetarian options, which entails a variety of colors and flavors. Head-chef Ottmar Pohl-Hoffbauer serves delicious and healthy dishes as eat-easy cuisine for everyone to enjoy. However, in the Bonviant Cocktail Bistro, vegetables do not just go on the plate. Bar manager Yvonne Rahm likes to also enrich her cocktail creations with a dash of spirulina, beetroot or pumpkin seeds. The design of the Restaurant adds to its authenticity, as customers can be seated in the gallery space at wooden tables in between a jungle of green plants.



What makes this restaurant stand out, is the fact that it does good deeds, whilst serving delicious food. At RefuEat’s snack bar, one can enjoy Arabic-inspired street food like halloumi and falafel, grilled chicken, hummus and baklava. In addition to this, several food bikes are on the road in the city and offer RefuEat’s delicious food at markets and cultural events. The company employs refugees from the Middle East and hereby helps them to integrate into Berlin. Staff are not only helped financially but are also able to learn important lessons. This learning process is fueled by the daily exposure to Berlin’s residents and the call for communication that comes with it. Sustainability, although it may not be the main focal point, also plays a major role at RefuEat: the food bikes are manufactured on-site, using environmentally friendly lightweight technology.

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