aware_ THE PLATFORM serves as a holistic partner for guidance in sustainability.


of employees want to learn more in the context of sustainability.

Train your employees in the topic of climate change, because it has a lasting impact on the planet!

„Economical, technological, social encouragement and the will to progress can stop climate change. Therefore each of us has to change their thinking away from short-term gain toward long-term sustainability, empower bold changemakers and let aware pioneers just do. To me, living sustainably also means raising my voice for a greater togetherness all over…”

Nais Graswald, CEO Kommunikation Volkswagen AG

“I am very interested in exchanging views on the subject of sustainability with other colleagues from different areas, different industries. In my opinion, that’s what makes the aware_ concept so special.”

Jörn Nitschmann, Head of Manufacturing and Automotive, Fujitsu Central Europe

“I’m fascinated by the community that has come together here. I’m very impressed and excited.“

Antje Hundhausen, VP Brand Experience, Telekom AG

“Transparency, zeitgeist and drive for action characterize our sustainability partner aware_. A curated network of diverse minds and corporates contribute to taking responsibility for the future. Each in his own area, but together for the big picture.”

Alexander Bilgeri, Vice President Corporate Communications Strategy, Messaging, Communication Channels for the BMW Group